In this special, National Geographic Channel explores the Bermuda Triangle’s ominous reputation by draining the water from it to see what exactly lies below the surface of the mythical triangle. With the aid of data from sophisticated sonar surveys, see what the ocean floor looks like below the Bermuda Triangle.



  1. Try looking at earth from Mars and all this BS of what we call Technology is nothing but a bad joke. We know nothing not even the fraction of a fraction of nature. We still can't cure cancers just an over growth of cells forget the draining of the ocean or the power of nature that makes it move. All we do is destroy of what we call progress.

  2. What a total gimmick video.Discovery, History, and Nat Geo are nothing but shams that never answer anything but pretend to answer everything. They should be in politics. 9k morons liked this video because the education system has failed.

  3. They spent almost an hour telling us what they didn't find. And there was a lot that they didn't find. What's the opposite of informative? Ignorantive? Oh, but they DID find that the ocean's a hole. That's good to know. By extrapolation I guess that means the sky's an upside down hole. They need to drain the sky. Maybe they'd find Amelia Earhart.

  4. Garbage documentary. Sensationalised voice over. Too bad, National Geographic used to be on point and interesting not dragged out and self consuming. "We need to see the bigger picture…"


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