Follow a day-by-day account of Hurricane Katrina’s wrath, from its birth in the Atlantic Ocean to its catastrophic effects: flooded streets, flattened homes, and horrific loss of life.
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Hurricane Katrina Day by Day | National Geographic

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  1. My god i heard about this . i heard new orelens got hit HARD. The damage was BAD . LOTS OF PEOPLE GOT KILLED . but new orealns has recovered. Thank god . this hurricane ia the most deadliest in history.

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  3. How come all the people damaged by the storm we're black? I was young when the storm happened and have only just looked into it, was this place just one of those "black neighborhoods" that you guys have in America or is the footage just coincidentally showing a lot of black people? I'm confused.

  4. Move to Asia were kind off safe and not just a bunch off earth quacks,tsunami,and plane crashes just pick the right country and city and u r safe 😊edit:most off this rarely happen mkay so u would be safe just don’t be idiotic and fall for Asian scams 🙂

  5. Crazy because the Mariana Islands recently got hit by a super typhoon which was the 2nd most strongest storm to ever hit U.S soil and didn't get the media attention it deserved.


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